"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business"


With almost everything happening online, this portal helps you find your targeted customers on every major social as well as business media platform.


Bringing your business online helps you reach a whole lot of customers but conversions are generally derived by targeted customers. Reports help you find your targeted customers in one go.


Providing visiting cards and sharing your catalogues over electronic mailing systems were things of past. Now sharing your catalogue is just a click away.

Unlimited Power & Customization

CheckUs.Online (CUO) is the simplest yet innovative way to get your business online in a matter of minutes. Our team make sure to upload all your products and services in a well secure manner. We only select the most optimised design, based on your product and service category, to create a powerful page that really converts. You have tons of different customization possibilities to select from.

How this works?

Once you are ready with the details your products; images, videos, descriptions etc., we will assign you a manager who will take care of everything. We will handle everything. Manager will begin designing your dedicated page in a well optimised manner based on the category of your products/services. Different businesses will adapt different designs. This process generally takes few minutes but optimisation sometimes take 2-3 business days. After this your spaceship is ready to take off to another world.

Once your page is ready to enter the world of the internet, our team will add few social buttons on the page so that customers can easily get in touch with you. Conversation between you and customers, who are scrolling through your page, will be just a click away.

On Facebook

We will launch various ad campaigns for your page to make sure it reaches the right audience. Our marketing team will analyze the most efficient targeting based on your products/services.

On Google

We will use AdWords to list your trending products/services on Google baba. You will get all the details of your AdWords campaign delivered directly to your electronic mail box. You can contact us anytime to shuffle.

On Instagram

Instagram can be used to do god level marketing if your photos are creative. Generally, people selling fashion stuffs, people who are in photography, car dealers, etc., can gain targeted customers with the help of Instagram.

Find Customers Anywhere!

Georgraphical targeting is the next level marketing method use to engage audience across the globe. Doesn’t matter who you are, a doctor, an accountant, fitness trainer or any service provider, we can help you market your business anywhere.


If you have a clinic or you run a fitness centre, we will promote your business nearby your location. A well optimized page of yours can do wonders for you.


People buying in bulk often look for some quality check, even an intelligent trader does that. Tell them about your uniqueness through your page and find customers anywhere in the world.


Accountants, Graphic Designers, Fashion Designers, Artists, etc., will have there own space to show the world what they actually got. Beautifully designed pages always help.


Our intelligent marketing strategy will cover almost everything. CUO is a platform that can be used by anybody and anywhere.


With digitalisation happening at a rapid pace, the range of opportunities are also getting wider. We have a vision to convert and segment everthing that is happening on traditional offline platform into wider range of online platform. Having said that, organisations are still paying tens of thousands of money to enter the world of the internet. BUT,

Our Plans Starts From Rs 5999/Year

(includes webpage, mobile optimsed page, advertising credit worth Rs. 1499 & reports)


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